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2018: The Year of Masking

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Every year we see new trends in skin care. Some stay and some fade away as the year comes to an end. This year we saw new launch after new launch and hundreds of new products hit the shelves. It's amazing to think about how many new products actually launched this year. There aren't enough days in the year to try to test each new product!

2018 has totally been the year of masking. Sheet masks, clay masks, multi-masking, masks in a tube, masks in a jar, 2-step masks, 3-step masks, masking on planes...I'm sure you get the point.

There are tons of different types of masks, read on to learn more about each type!

Sheet Masks - The kbeauty specialty! Sheet masks are literally sheets soaked in essence that you apply to your face and leave on for 15-30 minutes. They are a nice way to relax and can really help with a wide range of skin concerns. You can even make your own by buying dry sheets and adding your favorite serums or essences to them. I sheet mask weekly, and have even worn one on a plane! It wasn't as embarrassing as it sounds!

Clay Masks - Clay masks can be super drying if you have dry skin, but there are some out there made especially for you! Not all clays are created equal, for instance, green clays contain the highest mineral content and white clay is better for sensitive skin. I like to use a clay mask once a week. I feel like they give me a good deep clean and help to get all the dirt out of my pores!

Cream Masks - Cream masks are perfect for those with dry skin! Some cream masks are meant to be worn overnight and not washed off like a normal mask. I personally love cream masks and use them several times a week. I will do my nightly skin care routine and moisturize and then wait a good half hour to an hour before applying. I always wake up with super hydrated skin! I use cream masks all year, but since the colder weather leaves me with dry skin, I tend to use them more in the winter time.

Gel Masks - Gel masks are sooooo soothing! They can also help to reduce puffiness under your eyes. Chilled gel masks work best in my opinion and they can even be in a sheet mask! I find that I use gel masks most when I've stayed up way too late or had a few too many glasses of wine. I also reach for my gel masks when I've been out in the sun or if my skin is feeling super dry.

Exfoliating Masks - Exfoliating masks and sheet masks are my absolute favorite! Exfoliating masks are used exfoliate your skin. By exfoliating you're basically removing the dead skin cells from your face. Exfoliating masks can be physical or chemical. Physical exfoliating masks are grainy and chemical exfoliating masks contain acids like glycolic acid or salicylic acid. There are tons of different types, so make sure you're using one that's suites your skin needs. My skin isn't sensitive and I'm able to exfoliate several times a week. I use both chemical and physical!

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