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5 Eyeshadow Tones Perfect for Fall

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During summer months I opt for minimal makeup - especially when it comes to eyeshadow -  because 1. It probably won’t last long on my face in the heat (even when priming, setting, and so forth), and 2. I’d rather spend more time outside than in my bathroom getting ready. When it starts to get cooler outside, however, I thoroughly enjoy cozying up with a dirty chai latte, and applying my makeup for the day.

In the same way that I like to style myself more in the fall (hello, booties, sweaters, and scarves!), I like to put more thought into different eye looks. I also enjoy an overall more polished makeup - think more of a velvet base instead of an all-over dewy glow. This kind of foundation lends itself (to me, at least) to a daytime smokey eye look.

Onto the colors!

  1. Pale Gold/Champagne: If you’re a makeup minimalist, go for a wash of pale gold/champagne all over lids. This tone reminds me of fallen golden leaves, and adds such a pretty brightness to the eye area. For daytime, pair this kind of shadow with a slick of black liquid liner and a neutral lipstick or gloss, and for night, go for a true red.
  2. Copper: Ahh, a color that reminds me of both leaves and pumpkins - two of my favorite fall things. Copper is another great one-wash-wonder, and doesn’t need any kind of blending-through-the-crease color. For daytime, apply a light amount to the mobile lids, and blend through the crease. I love how this shade looks paired with a sheer pink gloss on lips. For night, add some liquid liner to the upper lash line, and smoke things out by blending a bit of shadow on the lower lash line.
  3. Bronze: Ok, so I really think all of these shades are great stand-alones on the eyes! I love more of a cream formula when working with bronzes - I love how they can give off a slightly sheen-y, glossy effect without any stickiness. I also find that I can control the product better with a cream bronze - apply a thin layer for daytime for a really sweet, work appropriate smokey eye. For night, all you have to do is add one or two more layers of product to amp things up (and smudge a bit on the lower lash line to make the look even smokier).
  4. Plum: Deeper plums look so beautiful on brown and green eyes! For daytime, apply a neutral/champagne shade on lids, and run a bit of plum shadow in the crease, making sure to blend out very well to diffuse the product so it becomes more of a plum haze. For night, pack more of the plum shadow onto the mobile lids, and define the lash line with black winged liner, and lots of black mascara.
  5. Light Aubergine: A shimmering light aubergine is so, so fun! Different from what I usually go for, but definitely wearable. I love applying this kind of shade to the lids, and adding a bit of bronzer to the crease for a bit of depth and blending well. As for the rest of the face, I love how a pale pink blush and creamy nude lip pair with this kind of eye!

And there we have it! Head over to instagram to share your favorite eye shadow colors with the Beauty Savers team!  

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