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Beauty Resolutions for 2019!

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I've never been much of a resolutions person. In my younger years I would say things like "I'm going to stop drinking soda" despite the fact that I never was a big soda drinker, or that I would quit chocolate - yeah, ok. Now, I'm more about little steps I can take to improve myself, instead of looking at resolutions as big challenges to overcome.

Thinking about beauty and resolutions as one joint thing, skin and money come to mind. More recently I've been more conscious of what I put on my face day and night. I also think, am I wearing too much makeup, and am I wearing makeup too often? But, at the same time, I know that makeup has never been a chore to me. I genuinely love applying it - the process: picking products out of my drawers, thinking about what look I want to achieve, practicing new techniques and trying new things. I have been applying makeup - whether that means a couple of things or a whole slew of products - to my face everyday for a really long time; it's rare that I take one or two days per week to really go makeup free and give my skin more time to breath. This brings me to my first beauty resolution of 2019 - giving my skin at least one day to be makeup free during the week. I think that this will not only help me physically, but mentally, too. Makeup has become somewhat of a security blanket - I feel better when I have some one. Do I feel ugly without any? Absolutely not. But, I want to get to a place where I feel just as comfortable and confident without a stitch of makeup as I do when I have a full face.

My second beauty resolution for 2019 is about money or, better put, the non spending of money. I am fortunate to receive a good amount of product in the mail from PR companies, but, I also spend a fair amount of my own money on products because I'll walk into Sephora and think "oooh, this would look nice in a photo!" or "I should review this new thing on my blog for followers!" That's how the rationalization goes. I want to stop doing this so that a. I can save more money for bigger things that will hopefully come soon (a house, for one), and b. so that I can really try and play around with the things I already have and overlook. Not spending a single dime on any beauty products for the entirety 2019 is a little unrealistic, so I am going to impose three rules: 1. no buying more than one new beauty product per month; 2. for every new product I buy, I will donate something I haven't used; 3. I will get rid of at least 5 old products per month.

Please share your 2019 beauty resolutions in the comments on Instagram!

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