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Do Quick Fix Pimple Spot Treatments Really Work?

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We all get the occasional breakout, right?!?

Of course you’ve heard of a zit stick or a pimple dot by now, and you’re curious about whether it’s true – can this treatment make a ferocious whitehead go away in just twenty-four hours? Or three hours? How do these things even work?

Let’s look first at the pimple band-aid, or pimple dot, or whatever the company you’re looking at is calling it.

The trick with this one is that you are to put it on your pimple post-pop. Yes, after you’ve popped it.

Then, it uses medications and magic absorption powers to prevent infection, redness, take the last of the gunk out, and reduce inflammation. Then, the next day, the post-pop reaction is lessened to the point where it looks like nothing even happened. Now, you might be thinking about what it would be like to have a little circle band-aid on your face for a whole day, walking around casually, but because it is clear and small, you can barely notice that there’s something there. Isn’t a little clear dot better than a big whitehead? Honestly, these have worked the best in my experience in terms of getting rid of irritating last-minute pimples that pop up (pun intended) before a big event – even though it takes twenty-four hours as opposed to the next product we’ll talk about, which is speedier.

Second is the stick – some look like pens, some look like chapstick – essentially, you put some goop from the tube on the whitehead and it is supposed to get rid of the zit completely in only a number of hours, without you needing to pop it at all.

Most treatments have given an overnight promise of pimple reduction, but recently we’ve seen more of the instant gratification coming onto the market. Glossier just released their version of it this summer, named the Zit Stick, but these have been around for a number of years, with varying degrees of success. Part of what is in Glossier’s Zit Stick, among the other acne sticks or pens, is Benzoyl Peroxide, something one might see in acne-reducing body washes, such as Panoxyl. What I’ve experienced happening with this particular chemical is that it brings whatever is in the pimple out to the forefront, so you can pop easily and get rid of it quicker. I’m not sure how that aids in reducing the swelling and redness of the pimple in four hours, though. It must be the other chemicals in the liquid in reaction with Benzoyl Peroxide that aids the healing, because there are many people out there that have confirmed that these products do work. The ingredients vary from brand to brand, so it’s good to read those in case you already know of any sensitivities your skin has to certain oils, chemicals, etc.

WARNING: There are a couple of aspects of these treatments that one should be aware of before beginning to use, especially using all of the time.

First of all, both the dots and the sticks can be a little smelly, depending on how much medication there is on the product. The pen will smell more as there is more noticeable goop, while the band-aids can vary in smell due to the surface area and how much medication is on it – plus, it goes on your skin and is pretty much concealed.

Second, these products will (most likely) dry out your skin. The band-aids may not as the covering of the area keeps the moisture in, but especially in products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide, which dries out your skin and also makes skin more sensitive to sunlight, you have to be careful. Make sure you are moisturizing and also applying sunscreen when using these products – although I’m sure you’re doing this already if you have a complete skincare routine!

Whatever you are doing to fight the acne battle, make sure it is right for your skin instead of just hopping onto whatever the fad is at the time, or whatever will work the quickest. The point of these items is to take care of your skin while also helping you look your best for everything life is throwing at you – first day of school, a new job, anything. If you aren’t paying attention to how your skin reacts, whether that’s excessive dryness or itchiness, you could cause more damage than is worth losing a pimple in four or twenty-four hours. Keep researching and watching how your skin reacts to each product you use. There’s tons of info available on each method and each product...hop on YouTube or Google the brand you’re looking at trying out!

Good luck out there!



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