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Get the Relaxing Aroma of a Spa - Right in Your Home!

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The fan may be silent, but the Sparoom Scentifier™ offers bold performance perfect for creating an aroma to match your mood. Plus, with so many essential oil options there is always an opportunity to use it whether you want to wake yourself up, or unwind after a long day.

Sparoom Scentifier™ comes in several sizes to fit the size of any room, but it is also lightweight and portable so you can create a Spa sanctuary anywhere you go!

This week we are offering a free Mini SpaRoom Scentifier™ to five lucky winners who complete our Beauty Savers Consumer Survey about where they purchase beauty products. Enter to win by clicking the button below - it will only take a few minutes!

This contest ended October 19th and 12pm EST. You are welcome to respond to our survey but your entry will not qualify you for a giveaway.

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