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Gift Guide: The Skincare Junkie

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If you know someone who is super into skincare, or, who doesn't know exactly what they want, but who just wants to start taking better care of their skin, I have put together (what I think is a) great list for you!

  1. Mario Badescu Mini Must Haves: so great for someone who wants to dip their toe in skincare, and have the ability to try a few things out. You can get this set at Urban Outfitters, and it includes a lip balm, facial spray (one of my favorite things for a dewy face!), hand cream and body lotion.
  2. M-61 Hydraboost Moisturizer SPF 30: this moisturizer does exactly what it says - adds a ton of moisture to my skin, while protecting it from the sun. I've encountered a lot of problems with SPF breaking me out, but not with this product.
  3. Drunk Elephant Skincare: I truly love everything I've tried from this brand. Are the products on the pricey side? Yes. Have they worked wonders on my skin? Yes. I apply the day serum every morning, and night serum every evening. I think they both have helped smooth the texture of my skin, even its tone, and, up the radiance factor. I am also a massive fan of the Baby Facial, which helps to clear my skin, amp up the glow, smooth texture - all of the things.
  4. Lano Balm and Hand Cream: if you're averse to really thick creams that leave you feeling oily - these are not them. The lip balm is ridiculously moisturizing, and the hand cream, though light weight, is seriously nourishing and has been preventing my hands from feeling dry or looking cracked during the very cold NY weather I've been experiencing.
  5. Moroccanoil Body: because skincare is also bodycare, amirite? This body oil is super luxurious, and is such a nice night treatment that leaves my entire body feeling smooth and hydrated for days after I use it. I think that this will be such an appreciated treat for anyone this holiday season!
  6. Valjean Labs Sleeping Mask: guys. this mask is $15 dollars. FIFTEEN. DOLLARS. And, it is so, so good. It is infused with collagen and fruit enzymes that help to increase elasticity, energize, and illuminate skin. My face seriously glows when I use this stuff overnight.
  7. Glossier Moon Mask: another really affordable, really hydrating mask that I typically wear overnight. Nothing helps to plump my skin like this bad boy.
  8. La Prairie White Caviar Moisturizer: the most luxe, most pricey item on here, BUT - if you have the budget, and really want to treat a loved one, I cannot recommend this moisturizer enough. This product does an incredible job of evening and illuminating skin tone, creating the most perfect base for makeup application.
  9. Fresh Glow Water: again, a really wonderful treat! I think this product is perfect for anyone who works long hours - this is such a nice mid-day refresh spray to add a bit of life back to the skin, and add a bit of natural glow/dew. It's also so nice to apply at the end of makeup application for a natural glow.
  10. Eve Lom Kiss Mix: the most gorgeous balm I have ever used. Really. This stuff is great for this time of year, when my lips normally start to crack after a few too many long walks outside to work. I apply this as a lip mask overnight, and right after I shower in the morning to prep for any other lip product. It is deeply hydrating, and, adds a pretty, soft shine.
  11. Glossier Super Bounce Serum: a really lovely hydrating serum that helps with elasticity and adds a softness to skin, perfect before makeup application.

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