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How to Pick a Concealer For Your Skin Type

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On the market today there are hundreds, if not thousands, of concealers available. How can anyone possibly know which one is best for their skin? While some people take the approach of picking any concealer that approximately matches their skin tone, this isn’t necessarily the best approach. Depending on your skin type, you might need a different kind of concealer. Here is your guide to the main categories of concealers. The first step? Ask yourself what you most want your concealer to do.

Make Zits Disappear

If the only thing you care about is making that breakout on your face as close to invisible as possible, you need a high coverage concealer, such as the Clé de Peau Concealer, $70.

Thick and sticky, high-coverage matte concealers are by far the most effective at hiding blemishes, as long as you choose a shade that closely matches your skin tone. The downside is that they don’t feel as good on your skin, particularly if you naturally have drier skin. This kind of concealer also is not ideal for covering under-eye circles. But if you are having a pimple emergency, high coverage concealer is the way to go.

Feel Fresh

If you hate blemishes but also can’t stand the feeling of heavy makeup on your face, opt for concealers that are described as “soft” or “veil-like.” “Fresh” is another word you might hear used to describe this type of concealer. Designed to glide easily over the skin, these concealers don’t feel as sticky as some other types. As a result, they are ideal for summer. Suggestion: Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer, $20.

Brighten Up Dry Skin

Covering a raging acne breakout is not the only possible application of concealer. Many women, particularly those with dry skin, use concealers to brighten the skin under the eyes and highlight the cheekbones. For perfect matte highlighting, use an oil-based concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone, and apply it with a brush or sponge to the highlights of your face: your cheekbones, under-eye area, and forehead. This will wake up your skin, reduce redness, as well as cover minor blemishes. Your dry skin will thank you for this. Suggestion: By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer, $69.

Blend Easily

Some people are simply looking for a concealer that is easy to work with. If you enjoy using a brush or a clean finger to blend makeup, you might prefer a liquid concealer such as the W3ll People Bio Correct Multi Action Concealer, $22.99. With a little makeup skill, you can sheer out a fluid concealer for a natural cover-up effect, or build up layers of product for full coverage.

Choosing a Concealer

No matter which brand of concealer you choose to use, you need to precisely match the color to your skin tone. Many people test concealers on the back of their hand, but remember, this is not a reliable method as the skin on your hands can be a very different shade from the skin on your face. Get hold of a tester or small amount of concealer and test it on your face to see how well it can cover those blemishes.

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