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Meet Cassie, Our Haircare Influencer!

Written by:

I'm a twenty-something mother blogging about life, fashion, beauty and everything in between.

How Long Have You Been Blogging/Influencing?

Over 2 years!

What Inspired You To Start Blogging/Influencing?

I have always been really into fashion and beauty but was actually in school for chemistry so I really wanted a creative outlet to express myself and share my favorite things with my friends and family!  I had no idea it would grow the way it has but I am so grateful!

What would you say is one of the the biggest trends in hair right now?

The high gloss wet hair look is huge right now!

What is the biggest hair faux paux?

Roots that are too grown out!

What do you love most about hair, and beauty?

I love how it can make you feel!  Sometimes being a mom I don't have the time to get ready every day but when I put makeup on and do my hair I feel so much more self confident! It really is amazing and I love that you can express yourself however you want too.

What are your favorite brands for hair products and tools?

Moroccan Oil, T3, Bed Head and OGX!

What is one product you could not live without!?

My Moroccan Hair Oil!

How do you think social media plays a role on your career and which social media platform do you like most to connect with your fans?

Social Media is amazing because it lets me reach people all across the world and share my life and stories with them! My favorite platform is a tie between Instagram and Twitter! I love Instagram because I can upload videos everyday and share what I am doing and loving and I love Twitter because it makes it so much easier to communicate one on one with my audience!

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