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New Year, New Skin!

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2018 is behind us and we are all going to make 2019 the best year, right?!?

I look at the new year as a fresh start for everything. If I’m unhappy about something, I change it. If I want to create better habits to stick to, I work on it throughout the new year and track my progress. I’m not really one for making resolutions, I like to be proactive and just better my past self with every new year.

My skin care routine is always changing, as should yours. Every year and every season our skin goes through changes and we need to learn to adjust and reevaluate what it needs. I’m really not one to repurchase products because I like trying what’s out there and I know by the time I finish a bottle of something, my skin will be craving something else.

This year I’m planning on listening more to my skin and adding products I know I need, but have put off using. It’s a whole new year…lets make it the best skin year! Read on to learn my tips and tricks on how to best listen to your skin and adjust your routine for your best skin this year!

  • Does your skin not feel as clean after your wash your face? If so, switch your cleanser! You might need to adjust to a more moisturizing cleanser or even a gentle cleanser. Switching up your cleanser can do wonders!
  • Are you noticing that your concealer is creasing in your under eye area? I hear this one a lot! This typically happens when that area isn’t moisturized properly. Switch up your eye cream and start using eye masks a few times a week. It will not only help your makeup application, but will do wonders for your under eyes in the long run.
  • Are you noticing that your complexion is looking rather dull? It could be the holidays because alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of sleep and dehydration can cause your skin to loose its luster. Try adding a gentle exfoliant into your routine, drink more water and moisturize more than normal.
  • Noticing fine lines? This is my main problem to be honest, but I’ve been refusing to add a good retinol product into my routine. I suggest doing what I haven’t done and finding a good retinol. If you’re new to retinol, I’d stick with one with an oil base. Start building a good anti-aging routine, it’s better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to skin care!

I hope my tips help you on your good skin journey this year! Happy New Year!!

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