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Product Review: L' Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil

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In the winter time, regardless of your hair type, everyone is prone to drier hair. The air tends to be drier when its cold out and it can affect people's hair to differing degrees. When your hair is dry it looks dull, lifeless and is prone to having more breakage and split ends.  

As someone who struggles with dry hair on a regular basis, the winter time is definitely a time that I have to incorporate extra hydrating products to keep my hair hydrated and feeling soft! I love using this L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil year round, but especially in the winter time when my hair is extra prone to dryness to help hydrate my hair and keep it soft. It's made for all hair types and is sulfate, paraben, dye and aluminum free.  It's a blend of oils and botanical extracts that helps to hydrate and seal the cuticles of your hair for deep nourishment. It's also infused with argan oil which is extremely hydrating and healing for not only your hair but also your scalp!  When applying this oil I apply it from my scalp to my ends while concentrating most of the product on the ends of my hair.  

I typically apply it after shampoo and conditioner while my hair is still wet but you can also apply it before shampooing your hair to nourish and protect it or before styling it to help control frizz. You can even use it as a finishing spray on your hair because it gives your hair so much shine and leaves it super soft to the touch.  If you're turned off by oils because they tend to be thick and leave an oily residue in your hair, fear not while using this product!  This oil is actually really lightweight and doesn't leave any residue or extra weight to your hair, just lots of hydration and shine!

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