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Product Review: L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

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Even on my most minimal makeup days I tend to wear mascara, a product that alone can draw attention to and open up the eyes. Over the years I have tried soo many formulas - both high and low end - but one I keep coming back to, one that I have repurchased at least 6 times now, is L'Oreal's Lash Paradise! I've never experienced a mascara that 1. is super affordable, 2. adds crazy volume to lashes without clumping up, and 3. holds a curl all. day. long.

Usually, if I find a mascara that adds the volume and length I'm looking for, this can sometimes mean that the product will clump around the lash line, resulting in me looking like I have three gigantic lashes. Not cute. I find that I don't have to compromise separation and length with Lash Paradise; no matter how many coats I apply, I am always left with long, separated, fluttery lashes with the perfect amount of volume.

When it comes to waterproof or not, I always choose the former. I think that a waterproof mascara formula helps with any smudging on the under eye area, and, is more long-lasting - both qualities are true for Lash Paradise waterproof. :)

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