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Product Review: SpaRoom Scentifier Essential Oil Diffuser

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Have you ever gone for a massage or gone to a spa and as you wait to be called you start feeling incredibly relaxed since they pump aromatherapy scents into the room? Well, since I am always on a budget and my spa trips are few and far between, I set out to recreate that environment in my own home as a way to relax and unwind after work.

After reading some reviews on different products out there I landed on my SpaRoom Scentifier and I actually use it everyday. Plus, SpaRoom offers such a wide variety of oils that I can pick different scents depending on my mood. If I want to relax I use oils like Lavender, or “Relax” but sometimes in the morning I use the Sparoom “Uplift” oil to boost my mood.

A good thing to remember is that citrus oils are for energy and can be mood elevating! Minty oils such as peppermint can help you concentrate and focus, so those are good to run while you're working or studying.

Next to the fabulous scents, one of my favorite things about this diffuser is that its size is perfect, and it looks sleek. Other diffusers in the market either felt cheap, overpriced, or were large and clunky. This Sparoom diffuser comes in different sizes with recommendations based on the size of a room, and it is very fairly priced. Not only that but most of the time when you buy the diffuser it comes with a sample oil or you can buy their “Starter Kit” of oils like I did.

I have a small sized diffuser and I was surprised at how well it does with creating an aroma throughout an entire space without being overpowering. If you put the right amount of oil you can get a solid hour of aroma before it starts to lessen but this diffuser will also stay on for 6 hours at a time.

My diffuser is white, but they sell them in a bunch of colors AND the actual diffuser does change colors in a slow calming way.

Pro Tip: If you use the Tranquil essential oil, turn off the lights, and lay down it creates a really calming experience!

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