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Product Review: Toms All Natural Toothpaste

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Want an all natural, cruelty free, ADA approved and sustainable toothpaste? Pick up a tube of Tom's of Maine at your local health foods store!

I've been trying to weed out products with unnecessary and harmful ingredients in my house so I decided to give Tom's Simply White in Sweet Mint a try. I'm pretty picky about my toothpaste and was not very optimistic about my new purchase.

I can't stand a toothpaste that is gritty, or has any rough textures. I've tried natural toothpaste in the past that were extremely gritty, so I wrote them off. Tom's surprisingly isn't gritty, and feels just like the toothpaste I've been using for a while. Natural toothpastes typically taste a little bit different than typical drug store toothpaste, but Tom's is pretty yummy! I honestly couldn't tell a huge difference between the Tom's and my other toothpaste. I'd much rather go the more natural route when cleaning my teeth, and since it meets my criteria, I'm all in for Tom's!

I really like that Tom's doesn't use any artificial dyes or sweeteners in their toothpastes. They also share every ingredient, its purpose and its source with consumers on their website. I love that they are so open and honest!

I will definitely be purchasing a tube of Tom's toothpaste again. I haven't used it long enough to see any whitening benefits, but I do like how it fresh it tastes and how it makes my teeth and mouth feel super clean! I love supporting companies who give back and Tom's donates 10% of all profits to different charities.

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