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The 6 Indie-Brand Products You Should Check Out

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Many times when people think about makeup, their mind often goes to larger luxury brands like Dior and Lancome or even some go-to drugstore staples like L’Oreal or Revlon. But as of late, there are tons of indie lines that have come out with great products that for one reason or another, just haven’t become quite mainstream, despite their permanent place in many bathroom cabinets. These are a few of my personal go-to items that I have replaced time and time again because I’ve realized I simply can’t live without them.

End Zit

With a slogan like ‘The Zit Stops Here!’ this product may seem a little corny, but it’s not lying. It’s a simple little glass container that you shake up and then apply the formula to any blemishes overnight and poof- they’re gone. I can’t even tell you the number of bottles I’ve gone through as I’ve been using it since middle school.  I have found nothing else that can quite get the job done like this. It can even be blended out and worn underneath makeup, so that it’s working its magic all day.

Eva NYC Mane Magic 10 in 1 primer

Though the brand is only six years old, the products are not lacking in the least. I have very long, but also relatively thin hair that is constantly knotted. With a couple sprays of the primer after a shower, I am able to run my Wet Brush through my hair effortlessly. This product is a miracle worker for anyone looking to nourish and detangle their hair- and the rest of the line is worth checking out as well.

The Ordinary

This brand has taken the world by storm. For super cheap prices, customers can get high concentrations of products with a range of benefits. My personal favorite is the niacinamide and zinc serum which has hugly helped with hormonal acne- to the point where I was even able to stop using my prescription medication.

Megababe Thigh Rescue

Started by Katie Sturino of @12ishstyle, Megababe is a company that focuses on female-forward products. Their first product, Thigh Chafe, is shaped like a stick of deodorant, but made to prevent uncomfortable rubbing and chafing. For those of us not blessed with a thigh gap, this is a life saver. I can comfortably wear dresses, skirts, and walk around the beach all summer without discomfort or skin irritation. Plus, it has aloe in it so it’ll moisturize at the same time.

Dermaquest Essential Daily Cleanser

Recommended to me a long time ago by an esthetician, this cleanser has been a staple in my bathroom for at least 10 years. It is one of the lightest, most refreshing I have used. Though not the cheapest on the market, with its gel-like consistency and light citrus scent, a little goes a long way. I find it incredibly refreshing and it makes my skin feel incredibly clean after each use. I would especially recommend it to anyone with more sensitive skin as it is very gentle and free of anything too harsh.

Tend Skin Solution

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to shaving, so getting monthly waxes is definitely one of my splurge self-care items. The downside to this- the occasional ingrown hair. I have found that Tend Skin is the best solution to this problem. Often sold and used in salons, it is a simple solution to use in the days following a wax (or shaving) and it helps prevent the ingrowns.  It may sting a little if your skin is sensitive, but it’s totally worth it.

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