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What I learned from the YouTube Beauty World

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There’s a lot on the internet for beauty fans all over, but over the past few years, I have found the one niche that I can genuinely say has changed my life for the better- the YouTube beauty community.  Oftentimes, when I tell people that, they laugh it off and assume that I’m wasting time online. But over time, I have grown to really trust some of my favorite ‘beauty gurus’ and have incorporated their advice into my daily life. Now, I have even found that my friends and family have started to come to me for suggestions as well. Watching YouTube videos has totally changed my makeup and skincare game. So here is a list of some of the lessons I’ve learned and advice that I can now offer to others.

Do not be afraid of makeup. Or colors. Or of screwing up.

That’s what makeup wipes are for. When something doesn’t turn out exactly how you envisioned it, that’s okay. You can always start over; and remember it will get easier with practice. Makeup should be fun, so enjoy it.  

Try watching YouTuber, Shannon (@Shaaanxo). She uses lots of color and creativity in her looks and even has series on how to create looks based on things like gemstones and cocktails.

Just because it’s a luxury brand, doesn’t mean it’s better. Makeup doesn’t have to be expensive to be good.

With the recent boom in the beauty industry, drugstore brands such as Wet ‘n’ Wild and Maybelline, have seriously stepped up their game. The product quality, color range, and variety available at the drugstore is incredible. You no longer have to go to the makeup counter at the department store and spend a ton of money on a single product. I pay attention to what people are commonly talking about on YouTube and Instagram because chances are if a few people like a product, it’s probably worth checking out. There are also a ton of brands that aren’t necessarily in Sephora that are absolutely worth checking out- especially because they often come at a good price point. I would have never know about lines such as Morphe or ColourPop if it weren’t for my YouTube mentors.

For a full-range of makeup reviews on both high end and drugstore products try watching Tati Westbrook (@glamlifeguru). But if you want to see specifically the high-end brands put to the test before dropping serious money on them, definitely check out Jeffree Star’s (@Jeffreestar) channel.

You don’t need a lot of makeup to look good.  

Sometimes less is more; especially now because the natural and glowy look is totally in style. I used to think that I needed a million products at any given time to complete my look, but now I’m happy with some bronzer, a strong highlighter, and mascara before I walk out the door. With a few good products, and most importantly, a good skin care regimen, you can feel confident about your look when you leave the house.

Kathleen Lights (@KathleenLights) is great at showing off accessible looks with simple, glowy skin. She often has makeup reviews with tutorials that are easy to recreate.

Am I supposed to care about contouring?

There are a lot of makeup trends that have been endorsed by celebrities as of late, but how am I, the normal person with a 9-6 job, supposed to use that information? Tutorials can help you pick out what may be best for your face shape or skin type and then not worry about the rest. Develop your own everyday go-to routine with the help of tutorials and then save the more detailed work for a night out or when you have time to play around a little bit.

Try watching Jaclyn Hill (@Jaclynhill) tutorials - she mixes high-glam looks with some very easy glowy applications. James Charles (@Jamescharles), the first ever ‘Coverboy,’ as well as NikkieTutorials (@Nikkietutorials) create amazing full-glam looks as well as artistic tutorials that we can all aspire to.

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