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What’s the Deal with Facial Rollers?

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I have to admit, I was dubious when I first encountered Jade and Rose Quartz facial rollers.

“How can rubbing rocks on my face possibly help me?” I thought, and with good reason. But after doing some research, I’m singing a bit of a different tune.

Crystals are ubiquitous these days, what with our culture’s obsession with holistic and all-natural remedies. Whether we’re using them in our reiki practices, or as decorative baubles, we see them everywhere. So why not explore how they can improve the quality of your skin?

Both Jade and Rose Quartz Facial Rollers claim to help tone up facial muscles, stimulate lymphatic drainage, reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles, improve skin elasticity, tighten pores, promote detoxification, improve circulation and skin tone, and aid in the absorption of your skincare products. But can they really do all that?

"If refrigerated, the rollers provide a small amount of relief from swelling in the same way that an ice cube facial would, but with less mess," says Kathleen Lisson, a certified lymphedema therapist in San Diego. "The main way face rollers help the lymphatic system is when they are used to stretch facial skin in the direction of lymph nodes in front of the ears." But it only works if you’re doing it properly. Lisson recommends beginning at the center of your face and rolling outwards for best results -- and this includes rolling over your chin and down your neck. Furthermore, the rollers should definitely be used as part of a larger skincare regimen. After all, you can’t expect to simply roll a crystal over your skin and call it a day.

"The benefits are the most noticeable when used as part of a full facial service," says Gina Pulisciano, an aesthetician and founder of Alchemy Holistics. "For example, you can't just roll some rose quartz on your face and expect miracles. It's not going to improve the elasticity of the skin or reduce wrinkles."

But there are plenty of specialists that agree that consistent usage of crystal facial rollers live up to the hype.

Karina Sulzer, a spokesperson for Skin Gym, says that the benefits simply cannot be denied: "Benefits that you may see from usage include improved skin tone and elasticity of the skin; natural collagen boots; reduction of puffiness and wrinkles; promotion of lymphatic drainage; toxin elimination; and tightening pores, since the crystal remains cold even when in direct contact with the skin. Massaging the face with the wand can revitalise complexion by increasing blood circulation. The oxygen from increased circulation allows the skin to release toxins and calms inflammation. Improved circulation from regular massages can make skin look brighter and more awake."

So are these miracle products?

No, probably not -- they can’t single-handedly deliver everything they promise. But using them consistently alongside a proper skincare regimen, or as part of a spa facial, has noticeable results. And, hey, if it feels good, why not use it?

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